Woodleigh MRT Station Close to Potong Pasir Town

Woodleigh M.R.T Station runs along the North-East Line situated at Woodleigh and Bidadari boundaries. The underground station was opened to the public on 20th OF June 2003. However, it remained out of use due to insufficient commuter till 20th June 2011 when it was reopened for public use.

The station was opened to serve commuters going in and out of the new Stamford American-International School and the neighbouring communities. It also supports transportation around the newly developed Bidadari housing estate. The development is close to the new project at KSH Holdings

Woodleigh M.R.T Station has two train platforms which both travel in different directions. The train station is fitted with air condition and shielded from the tunnel environment with screen doors. This ensures the safety of commuters and makes them comfortable at the station. Passengers also get the option to either use stairs or lift to get to the open space above.

Passengers’ information, as well as necessary travel information, is displayed via the plasma screens located at each platform. The concrete floor also serves as a guide for visually- impaired from the platform to the exit of the station.

Woodleigh MRT Station Close to Park Colonial Condo

This area of the station has an automated fare collection gate and also serves as a barrier between paid and unpaid areas.
There is a two-way wide-swinging gate installed to cater for passengers-in-wheelchairs and those with bulky items.


Three exits lead out of the MRT station namely exit A, B, and C. Two of the ramps are barrier-free which ease movement of disabled persons.

Public toilets are stationed at the North East Line concourse.

Safety Features

The Woodleigh M.R.T Station has an emergency Train Stop button which would prevent the train from going in or going out when activated. There is also the presence of an emergency telephone installed at the station for emergency contact while the lifts have an intercom system to communicate to Passenger Service-Centre in case of any issue in the elevator.
There is also the presence of an emergency door at the train side which could be opened manually in the event of failure. The station has fire extinguishers dispersed around.

Transport Connections Near Woodleigh MRT Station

Several bus stops within the area are connected to the Woodleigh M.R.T Station as well as most taxi stands and passenger pick-up areas.

Two official bus stopsare linked to Woodleigh station.
Located next to the Upper Serangoon Rd exit are the taxi stands and pick-up/drop-off points.
Rail Bridging Services
Alternative measures are put in place to forestall any form of service disruption to any of the M.R.T trains as the MRT breakdown shuttle buses will be used to shuttle people away from affected areas.
Potong Pasir
Potong Pasir, for a small Housing Development Board (HDB) Residential Estate located in the Central Region of Singapore. For a small town, it has a fascinating history. As the name of the town, �cut sand’ in Malay, suggests, Potong Pasir used to be a sand quarry town until 1937. Which was shut down due to ongoing flooding issues. These days, Potong Pasir is better known for being long held by the Opposition Party until 2011.

Unlike most of the areas of Singapore, Potong Pasir is not heavily crowded, despite being close to the city centre. With a mix of public housing estates and private residences, Potong Pasir has all of the necessary amenities for everyday life, though you won’t find a large scale mall or cinema in the town.

What you will find are local shops, cafes, restaurants and a way of life that you may not be able to experience in most other towns in Singapore. Potong Pasir is a quiet, close-knit town, with very little claims to fame. However, recently, with the sales of some HDB flats and a rise of development interest in the area, you may find more large skill amenities entering Potong Pasir.

Woodleigh MRT Station Next to Potong Pasir Town

With access to MRT Station, commute is made easy and convenient to any location and due to the lack of crowding in the area, you will be able to find plenty of parking. Potong Pasir also offers education through the St. Andrew’s Village, a large school campus comprising of St. Andrew’s Junior School, St. Andrew’s Secondary School and Ascension Kindergarten. This complex also contains the Church of the Resurrection, Church of the Ascension and the Dioceses of Singapore.

Rising interest in the private housing market means that towns like Potong Pasir is seeing a rejuvenation. With very little upgrades until recently, Potong Pasir is starting to see interest from private buyers and developers.

Developments are already in the works to construct new residential housing in Potong Pasir, as are the supporting retail amenities such as shopping centres and entertainment centres in the works, it is likely that Potong Pasir will see a rise in value.

In terms of considering property in Potong Pasir as an investment, Potong Pasir’s proximity to the city centre and accessibility through the MRT, investors will find that the rental income is higher than the average. Investors will also find that rental properties in the area are in high demand as more and more renters make the move out of the city centre.

Potong Pasir, a town steeped in history and stories is likely to see fast development and upgrades and worth considering.

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