Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to educate you about how Singapore Press Holdings Limited, also known as Thats My Topper Website, manages your personal data. We handle personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012 and the EU GDPR. When you interact with our website, send information to use or sign up for our services, you have agreed to our privacy policy. We reserve the right to collect, use, disclose and share your information among our related corporations and affiliates as well as authorized service providers and appropriate third parties.

Permissions on Our Website

Our privacy policy does not supersede or replace any other permissions you have provided to Thats My Topper Website. This privacy policy is part of our website’s terms and conditions. This privacy policy does not affect any rights you or we may have in connection with the law. We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time. You agree to abide by the terms of this privacy policy. Please check our privacy policy regularly to find out if it has changed.

Personal Data

Ppersonal data refers to any information about you from which you could be identified from the data alone or data plus other information we may have access to. Examples of personal data include but are not limited to:
• Your legal name
• National Registration Identity Card or NRIC
• Passport or other identification numbers used by non-Singapore residents
• Telephone numbers
• Mailing address
• Email address
• Information about your use of our website such as subscription account details or membership details
• Cookies and IP addresses
• Employment history
• Education background
• Income level
• Credit history
• Payment related information, including credit card and debit card numbers

Collection of Personal Data

SPC collects personal data about you in the following ways:
• When you submit forms related to our products and/or services
• When you register for our services
• When you share information with customer service
• When you use our services
• When you respond to our request for additional data so you could be approved to use our services
• When you sign up for mailing lists
• When you submit a job application to us
• When you submit a scholarship application to us
• When you enter a tenancy agreement with us
• When your personal data is shared with us by third parties and business partners
• When you submit personal data to us for any other reason

Personal Data Policy

When you submit personal data relating to a third party such as your spouse or our employees, you have represented to us that you have obtained their consent to share their personal information with us.

Website Cookies Policy

When you browse the Thats My Topper website, you are typically anonymous. However, data may be collected via cookies. You have the right to refuse to use cookies, but this may impact the performance of our website. You have the right to delete cookies. Cookies collect information such as the number of pages you view, the number of unique visitors to our website, how long people remain on the site and which websites lead people to our website.

Purposes of Personal Data Collection by Thats My Topper Website

We collect, use and disclose personal data for the following reasons.
• To respond to customer questions and complaints
• To manage the IT infrastructure owned by Thats My Topper Website and to comply with internal procedures
• To facilitate business asset transactions
• Verify your identity
• Prevent, detect and identify crime, including but not limited to fraud and money laundering
• Protect and enforce Thats My Topper Website ’s contractual and legal rights
• Conduct audits, reviews and analyses of our internal processes and manage risks
• To prevent, detect and investigate crime on our premises, including conducting background checks and CCTV surveillance
• Any other purpose related to the above

Collection of Personal Data

Thats My Topper Website may collect and use your data for the following purposes:
• Process your application for subscription services, either online or print
• Maintain your account
• Verify and process payments
• Provide the services you have signed up for
• Communicate with you about changes in our policies and other administrative information
• Conduct market research
• Resolve complaints
• Conduct background checks for prospective tenants
• Support app downloads
• Process job applications
• Process advertisements submitted to us

Where permitted under the Act, we may collect, use and disclose data when providing services, manage loyalty programs, administer contests, send you special offers that may be of interest to you and understand the demographics of our customers.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Thats My Topper Website takes reasonable steps to protect visitors and customers’ data. Personal data may be disclosed to individuals overseas or in Singapore including:
• Thats My Topper Website affiliates
• Agents, contractors and third service providers such as telecommunication companies and payment processors
• Vendors who offer goods and services or sponsor promotional programs
• Charity partners in relation to promotional events
• The credit bureau
• Professional advisors such as our lawyers and auditors
• Business partners who help facilitate business transactions
• Government regulators and law enforcement agencies
• Any other party that you authorize us to disclose your personal data

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