Twin Vew China Construction Development West Coast

The twin vew project is being undertaken by China Construction Development and the plot of land was won by a $292 million bid for the residential development rights along with a 99-year leasehold. There was a total of 9 companies bidding on the site with MCC Land missing out with a bid of $289.9 million. The close contest in the bidding war and huge interest from a number of company’s show’s how promising and in demand the plot of land is.

Twin Vew China Construction South Pacific

The cost of $292 million or $592 per square foot paid by China Construction Development for the plot of land was more than expected by expert analysts due to the high level of interest and competition from other companies. The estimated price for each unit is around $1,200 per square foot at more than twice the buying cost. Twin Vew China Construction is a highly sought after development in Jurong and will be launching in 2018.

Twin Vew Condo Singapore

Located at West Coast Vale, near to the Jurong Lake District, Twin Vew is situated in a promising location. It is within easy access to Jurong East MRT station connecting residents directly to the popular 818,000 sqft Jem Shopping Mall; located close to Jurong community Hospital and NG Teng Fong General hospital for any medical emergencies.
Twin Vew is also in close proximity to the high-speed rail terminus for an easy commute to other parts of Singapore. And following the introduction of the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore high speed rail project, you can be in KL in just 90 minutes instead of the usual 6 hours by train, 1 hour by air and 4 hours by car.

Twin Vew

The Site is estimated to consist of 520 units with each unit having from1 – 5 bedrooms although the number of blocks and stories are yet to be advised. It boasts a site area of 16,378 sqm and a gross floor area of45,860 sqm. Twin Vew is expected to also feature a 50m lap pool, indoor gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, children’s playground and 24-hour security.

The Twin Vew Floor plan is yet to be released or confirmed.

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