A Smarter Way to Live: Exploring the Eco-centric Facilities of Tengah Plantation Close EC

The Tengah Plantation Close Executive Condominium (EC) is a unique development in Singapore that is set to redefine the way people live. Located in the West of Singapore, the EC is designed to be a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment. It is a ‘smart’ new town with a focus on green living, built in an integrated manner with the plantation landscape.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is the first of its kind in Singapore and is a major step forward for the country in terms of sustainable urban living. The development is built around a central park which serves as a green lung for the area. The park is surrounded by two residential zones, a commercial and business district, and a retail area.

One of the key features of the development is its commitment to eco-centric living. The buildings are designed with green roofs and rainwater harvesting systems. Solar panels are used to generate electricity, while low-flow plumbing fixtures are used in bathrooms and kitchens to reduce water consumption. The development also has a range of green features such as an organic food market, a bike-sharing system, and an electric car-sharing system.

The development’s commitment to green living is further enhanced by its focus on community development. Tengah Plantation Close EC encourages social interaction by providing a range of communal spaces such as playgrounds, parks, and community gardens. It also has a range of educational and recreational facilities, including a library, a health centre, and a swimming pool.

The development also has a range of eco-friendly amenities. Residents can take advantage of a range of green energy solutions such as solar power, wind power and bio-gas generation. They can also use recycled materials for construction and landscaping. The development also has a range of sustainable transport options such as electric scooters, bicycle lanes and shuttle buses.

The development is also home to a range of innovative and sustainable solutions. For example, it has a smart waste management system that uses sensors to detect waste and recyclable materials, allowing for more efficient waste disposal. It also has a smart street lighting system which uses solar power and motion sensors to switch lights on and off automatically.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is Tengah Plantation Close EC an example of how cities can be designed in a more sustainable way. By investing in green technologies and eco-centric amenities, the development is able to provide residents with a high quality of life while reducing their environmental impact. It is a model of sustainable living that could be adopted by other cities in the future.

The Tengah Plantation Close EC is a brand new eco-centric condominium development in Singapore, and it’s already making waves in the local real estate market. The development is being billed as a “smart and sustainable” living experience for its residents, with a focus on eco-friendly features and facilities. Here, we’ll explore how Tengah Plantation Close EC is revolutionizing the way we live and how the development is helping to create a smarter and more sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

The first thing that stands out about Tengah Plantation Close EC is its commitment to eco-friendly living. The development has been designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing renewable energy sources to power the development and its facilities. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to generate electricity, while a centralised energy management system helps to efficiently manage the energy consumption of the development. Additionally, rainwater harvesting and water-efficient fixtures are employed to reduce water consumption.

Tengah Plantation Close EC also boasts a number of green spaces, including a rooftop garden, public parks and landscaped gardens. These open green spaces help to promote healthier living and encourage residents to connect with nature. Additionally, the development has been designed with a “walkable” layout, which encourages residents to walk or cycle to nearby amenities. The development is also connected to the nearby Tengah Town Centre via a network of pedestrian and cycling paths.

The development’s commitment to eco-friendly living is further evident in its facilities. Residents have access to a range of eco-centric features, such as a waste-to-energy plant, which converts food waste into energy. Additionally, the development has a state-of-the-art water treatment facility which recycles wastewater for reuse.

In addition to its eco-friendly features, Tengah Plantation Close EC also offers a range of modern amenities to its residents. The development features a range of luxurious facilities, such as a gym, swimming pool, spa, and a host of other recreational facilities. Additionally, the development also features a number of eateries and shops, providing residents with a variety of dining and shopping options.

Tengah Plantation Close EC is revolutionizing the way we live, offering a smarter and more sustainable living experience. The development’s commitment to eco-friendly living is evident in its energy-efficient features, green spaces, and eco-centric facilities. Additionally, the development is also home to a host of modern amenities, making it an ideal place to call home. With its focus on sustainability and a smart and sustainable lifestyle, Tengah Plantation Close EC is sure to be a popular choice in Singapore’s real estate market.

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