Meyer Mansion Condo Guocoland Former Casa Meyfort

Meyer Mansion is a new development project initiated by Guocoland. The location of the project is close to the vicinity of the Central Business District on Meyer Road. Meyer Mansion Guocoland is designed to provide the unique and luxurious experience to the residents. The site is formerly well known for Casa Meyfort Condo which was successfully purchased by Guocoland in a lucrative deal. There are approximately 270 units which are equipped with all the moderate facilities to ease the life of residents. This shows that Guocoland is constantly working on shaping the premium lifestyle for its customers. The project land consists of 238,697 sqft Gross Floor Area while total site area is 85,249 sqft.

Meyer Mansion Condo Guocoland Real Estate Developer

Meyer Mansion Guocoland is executed by Guocoland Real Estate Developer which is a leading name in the housing industry of Singapore. The company has completed more than 35 residential development projects in Singapore. Guocoland also gained international exposure by working on several projects in Australia, the United Kingdom, China, and Malaysia as well.

Meyer Mansion East Coast Park

Mayer Mansion offers a sophisticated lifestyle for its residents within a secure environment. The project site of Mayer Mansion is surrounded by several well-known places such as, East Coast Park, Singapore Sports Hub and Tanjong Katong that is famous for Cuisines and Restaurants. There are also several schools in the neighborhood of Meyer Mansion. The location was chosen while keeping in view of the residents, therefore; the availability of country clubs is also another advantage of this location. Some of these clubs are included with the American Club, Civil Service Club, and Singapore Town Club as well.

Meyer Mansion Meyer Road Condo

As it is known that Singapore is famous for its distinctive culture, therefore, the people from several cultures are currently living on the Meyer Road. Consequently, project location is suitable for internationals residents along with national residents. The project also brings the opportunity to minimize the gap between the natives of Singapore and other international residents. Moreover, established and emerging brands are also coming on Meyer Road to join the hands with Guocoland.

Guocoland Real Estate Developer is famous due to the provision of Privileged lifestyle, Eco-Friendliness, Distinctive project locations, and Unique Designs. The primary focus of Guocoland is to introduce the green lands along with modern facilities. Master design of the project revitalizes the greenery of the location while offering the exceptional living experience to its residents. Guocoland Real Estate Developer welcomes to the people of all communities to visit Mayer Mansion in order to have an exclusive experience of their lives.

Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong by UOL Group

Meyerhouse is a new freehold development by UOL Group at Tanjong Katong. There are 36 units in the establishment, although previously owned by an Indian family who vacated the premise. There are the Nnank Mansions with 36 marionettes and are 4 and 5 bedrooms. The number of shopping centers like the Katong Shopping center, and the Parkway Parade. For those who like spending time outdoors, the East Coast Park is a great location. The area will soon be accessed by the Tanjong Katong MRT station that is set for completion in 2023. You can take a bus to the residence.

Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong UOL Group

Many people who love social networking frequent this residential area near to Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong and their focal point is some of the clubs within this area. These clubs are Singapore swimming pool, Marina bay golf course, Epic tennis Academy Pte Limited and the Chinese swimming club. The clubs are high-end and provide every amenity needed to ensure customers get the best out of the facility. Tanjong Katong where Meyerhouse freehold condo is located is situated in the fringe area of Singapore. This area is loved because of its food market and the wide range of food available for purchase. You can purchase raw and fresh foods for use.

East Coast Road Near to Meyerhouse East Coast

A good area like this at Meyerhouse East Coast one need to be fully fledged in terms of facilities and amenities. The area is accessed by minor and major roads such as the Tanjong Katong road, East Coast road and others that are well maintained to ensure a safe and stress-free drive, ride or walk to the premise. The Singapore CBD is congested and pollution is something that many individuals who mind their health and love time away from the hassle and bustle of the city choose to reside.

Living in Tanjong Katong Close to Meyerhouse

Eurasians now live in Katong and sold the houses they owned in the city. The premise stretches to the Katong road and further to the Martia road. Religion is covered and the Katong church and the Katong Covenant which is part of the strip.

Fyve Derbyshire Novena Town Roxy Pacific Holdings

Roxy Pacific Holdings is proud to announce its new luxury freehold development, Fyve Derbyshire. Located in the upscale Novena Centre Residencial Neighbourhood, characterized by a hip, cool and charming environment, Fyve Derbyshire has everything you need to start living your dream life.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Novana Singapore

Fyve Derbyshire is locateed at Novena and is situated in the very heart of the city, surrounded both by beautiful, enticing residential buildings and alluring streets. Comprised mostly by privte condos, the Novena Centre area is a prime location in terms of utilities and transportation services. The main Shopping Mall is conveniently located in the center of the neighborhood, right below Novena MRT station, and residents will also be pleasantly surprised to find two smaller shopping centers, Square 2, that also hosts the Novena-Medical Center, and Velocity, fully dedicated to sports themes.

Fyve Derbyshire Near to Shopping Centres and Amenities

In addition to being just a few minutes away from the city, Novena is also equipped with two MRT stations and a broad network of taxis and buses that provide access to several parts of Singapore.
For families who are looking to settle down and build a happy, eventful and fullfilling life, the Novena Neighbourhood presents itself as the perfect location. Education centers are found near to Fyve Derbyshire Novena and amenities can be found all around, as well as renowned brands, such as Starbucks and Cold Storage, that have established themselves in this lively, yet serene and opulent area.

Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings

Fyve Derbyshire Freehold Condo is the newest and finest addition to the Novena neighbourhood, courtsy of Roxy Pacific Holdings. With 18 apartments plus two penthouses, the building oozes comfort, richness and delight, providing full, unique facilities to make life as seamless as possible. Besides its prime location, residents can be sure to find all the amenities for their carefree everyday activities. Guardhouse, clubhouse and function room are included, as well as all things leisure and relaxation, as is the case of the indoor gym, tennis court, 50m swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits and children’s playground. Fyve Derbyshire offers families everything their hearts desire and will prove to be the missing piece for the happiest of lives.

A real estate developer in Singapore since 1967, Roxy Pacific Holdings takes pride in being guided by fair and honest core values. Financial prudence and integrity are the major drivers of this business, also founded upon innovation, creativity and a constant eagerness to learn. Team work and focus come together to always ensure stakeholders obtain maximum wealth, while keeping the community and its needs and welfare in mind at all times.

Meyerhouse New Condo Former Nanak Mansions

Meyerhouse is a modern freehold condo that is located in the Tanjong Katong heart. This prime land is former Nanak Mansions Freehold and is a property developed by Unit Overseas Limited. It’s strategically located next to the Tanjong Katong MRT station and Meyer Road. Meyerhouse UOL is designed and developed in the modern way possible. It’s a haven for entertainment due to quality and facilities installed on it. Your family and friends will always be blown mind by the entertainment.

Facilities at Meyerhouse Condo Singapore

Some of the features making it outstanding among other freeholds in Tanjong Katong are a modernized swimming pool, conference room, gym, parking space, kids playground, Clubhouse, Tennis ground as well as BBQ pit just naming a few.

Shopping Centers Located Next To Meyerhouse
This condo is in a vicinity surrounded a good number of shopping centers. Among the popular centers offering residents unique and customized shopping experience include Parkway Parade, 112Katong as well as Katong shopping center. They are few meters from Meyerhouse condo. Learning facilities are a key aspect in selecting a private living area. When schools are near your living place, kids don’t travel much thus spending most of their time in education.

Schools Near to Meyerhouse Condo

Thus, Meyerhouse is within the elite schools in Singapore. This will ensure residents’ kids get high-quality education thus becoming dependable people in the community. Among top ranked schools next to meyerhouse are Tanjong Katong, Tanjong Katong Girls as well as Chatsworth international schools among many others.

Meyerhouse in meters away from East Coast Park. The park offers residents numerous outdoor activities. It’s a nice place where family and friends can meet and spend a quality moment together socializing. The beach brings a cool atmosphere in the park making it much better vicinity. Also in the park is dining centers serving delicious dishes you can’t afford missing to taste when you visit the park.

Major Roads Near to Meyerhouse UOL

Accessing this condo is easy. There are major roads linking it to other parts of Singapore. There are many buses offering transport services along Marine Parade and Mountbatten Roads. The Completion of MRT Station will make the area more accessible than before thus leading many people to flock the area now and then.

Stop walking up and down finding a private living place. Meyerhouse is waiting for you. Here you will live like a king with world-class facilities. The amenities within the area will make your life better than before. Don’t hesitate to take a bold step and get a unit in this condo and the rest will be history.

Juniper Hill Close to Stevens MRT Station and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

We all are so much busy trying to raise our standard of living nowadays that there is an absence of peace and tranquility in our life. Serenity and harmony are what we need in our hectic daily lives. It is possible when we are residing in a place isolated from the noise pollution of city areas. Moreover, if the place is easily accessible to good job opportunities, educational institutions, shopping malls and other facilities, we would most certainly choose the same. Juniper Hill Stevens MRT Station is one such place.

Juniper Hill Close to Stevens MRT Station and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

The Juniper Hill condo Singapore is situated in a prime location around Stevens M.R.T Station and Bukit Timah Reserve. The elite Ewe Boon Road is interlinked to easily accessible amenities through Bukit Timah Road. Juniper Hill condo is only a short walking distance from Bukit Timah-Road and appears after crossing Keng Chin-Road which also happens to be an upscale neighbourhood. The Stevens M.R.T Station and Fourth Avenue M.R.T Station provide easy access to transport anywhere around the city.

Easy Access To Important Locations Around Juniper Hill

The 41 Ewe Boon-Road Singapore – 25933 location is special interlink between must visit key locations around Singapore. Juniper Hill condo is a short walking distance away from Bukit-Timah Shopping Centre, the Bukit-Timah Plaza, Beauty-World Plaza, the Beauty World Centre, the Balmora Plaza, and The Grandstand. These locations are fun recreational shopping venues offering products ranging from household items to clothing and much more.

The services like playgrounds, sports pitches, and tuition zones available at these places can keep your children of all ages busy. Some people just prefer dinning out once in a while and food spots near Juniper Hill are just the perfect places you’ll need to go. Walk along or drive through the lush green natural scenery’s as you make to Newton Food Centre. The Educational institution like Hwa0Chong Institution, the National-Junior College, and the Methodist Girl’s School will keep your children closer to home.

Juniper Hill by Allgreen Properties Singapore

The Juniper Hill condo and various dreams have been successful via the partnerships of Allgreen Properties with their Stakeholders. Allgreen Properties is a leading expert in the market with ownership of office spaces as well as housing spaces and malls around Singapore. Their constant strive towards perfection, and hard work has helped them ease the lives of owners who chose to partner with them and achieve awards in this path to a better future.

Their hardworking team of expert architects and their involvement with stakeholders has helped create not a building but homes and businesses.