Juniper Hill Close to Stevens MRT Station and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

We all are so much busy trying to raise our standard of living nowadays that there is an absence of peace and tranquility in our life. Serenity and harmony are what we need in our hectic daily lives. It is possible when we are residing in a place isolated from the noise pollution of city areas. Moreover, if the place is easily accessible to good job opportunities, educational institutions, shopping malls and other facilities, we would most certainly choose the same. Juniper Hill Stevens MRT Station is one such place.

Juniper Hill Close to Stevens MRT Station and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

The Juniper Hill condo Singapore is situated in a prime location around Stevens M.R.T Station and Bukit Timah Reserve. The elite Ewe Boon Road is interlinked to easily accessible amenities through Bukit Timah Road. Juniper Hill condo is only a short walking distance from Bukit Timah-Road and appears after crossing Keng Chin-Road which also happens to be an upscale neighbourhood. The Stevens M.R.T Station and Fourth Avenue M.R.T Station provide easy access to transport anywhere around the city.

Easy Access To Important Locations Around Juniper Hill

The 41 Ewe Boon-Road Singapore – 25933 location is special interlink between must visit key locations around Singapore. Juniper Hill condo is a short walking distance away from Bukit-Timah Shopping Centre, the Bukit-Timah Plaza, Beauty-World Plaza, the Beauty World Centre, the Balmora Plaza, and The Grandstand. These locations are fun recreational shopping venues offering products ranging from household items to clothing and much more.

The services like playgrounds, sports pitches, and tuition zones available at these places can keep your children of all ages busy. Some people just prefer dinning out once in a while and food spots near Juniper Hill are just the perfect places you’ll need to go. Walk along or drive through the lush green natural scenery’s as you make to Newton Food Centre. The Educational institution like Hwa0Chong Institution, the National-Junior College, and the Methodist Girl’s School will keep your children closer to home.

Juniper Hill by Allgreen Properties Singapore

The Juniper Hill condo and various dreams have been successful via the partnerships of Allgreen Properties with their Stakeholders. Allgreen Properties is a leading expert in the market with ownership of office spaces as well as housing spaces and malls around Singapore. Their constant strive towards perfection, and hard work has helped them ease the lives of owners who chose to partner with them and achieve awards in this path to a better future.

Their hardworking team of expert architects and their involvement with stakeholders has helped create not a building but homes and businesses.

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