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How To Choose a Wedding Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Toppers can be a very important detail when it comes to planning the big day. With all the options from Monogram Cake Toppers to Contemporary one can imagine that choosing a wedding cake topper can be as confusing and stressful as choosing a dress or what colors to have for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

So where do you begin choosing the right wedding cake topper?

  1. Begin by getting in touch with your baker or cake designer.  They have a lot of great ideas and since they will be designing the cake they can help you choose the right wedding cake topper to fit the cake and to fit the overall design of your wedding.
  2. Choose your personality.  Wedding cake toppers come in so many options that if you sit back and look at who you are as a person will help you choose and stay true to your personality. Do you have a personality that stands out to all your friends and family or do you and your spouse have pair of personalities that others would enjoy to see that personality shine through on top of your wedding cake. Some examples of wedding cake with personality include the True Romance Wedding Cake Topper that shows your truly in love and that your romance with your partner goes well beyond the surface.  You may also seek a more contemporary wedding cake topper, The Forever Wedding Cake Topper.  Whatever you choose, stay true to your personality, its your wedding and your wedding cake topper will ultimately be the accent to your day and your personality.
  3. Do you and your partner have a unique background?  When it comes to choosing a wedding cake topper, nothing can be more fun that having your cake topped with a subtle hint to what you and your partner share whether it be a funny wedding cake topper, sports and outdoors wedding cake toppers or simply a romantic cake topper.  You and your partner a set to share the rest of your lives together do not be afraid to show your friends and family how you got here or where you plan to go. Wedding cake toppers can help explain a story or simply remind your friends and family that you married someone that you share so many great moments with and plan to share more.
  4. Do you plan to have a theme at your wedding?  Having a theme at your wedding can make planning and choosing a wedding cake topper very easy as you simply accent your cake with a theme wedding cake topper that shares the similarities and consistently of the theme you have chosen for your wedding.  Themed wedding cake toppers can range from the Country and Western Wedding Cake Topper Theme to the Hearts Themed Wedding Cake Toppers.
  5. Don’t forget that you can personalize many different cake toppers. From monogram wedding cake toppers to personalizing a glass or acrylic wedding cake topper, you can choose to have a wedding cake topper stay simple, elegant and yet have the personal touch you want displayed as a cake topper.
  6. Add some bling to your cake. Not all cake toppers have to be sitting on top, have a theme or even be personalized at all. With all the elegant cake jewelry available and with all the design options, add an elegant set of cake jewelry medallions or vines to your cake and it will shine just as bright as you and your partner will on your wedding day.

Whatever you choose for your wedding cake topper, do not be afraid of making a mistake. Having a wedding cake topper offers you the ability to share a moment with your partner, family and friends that they may already know about you or may not know at all. Wedding cake toppers are a great accent but will also serve as a great keepsake for years after your big day.

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