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How to choose a monogram wedding cake topper or cake topper?

One would ask, are monogram cake toppers and monogram wedding cake toppers the same?  The answer would simply Monogram Wedding Cake Topperbe, yes

Monogram cake toppers are often your silver, gold, metal, wooden or whatever other material you can dream toppers that display a family initial, a couples combining initials or they can be numbers that give away an age or length of marriage.

Monogram cake toppers can often be called the following names:  Initial cake toppers, letter cake toppers, letter initial toppers, number toppers, silver and gold letters cake toppers, woods letter cake toppers or my favorite the letter ampersand symbol cake topper.

Whatever you want to call it, monogram cake toppers are becoming a traditional method to dazzle and style a wedding cake, birthday cake or anniversary.

Monogram wedding cake toppers have become a way for brides to dress up silver metal letters with the color crystals of their choice.  Monogram wedding cake toppers are the “bling bling” of cake toppers and with the right crystals or topper, it can really bring attention your wedding cake and that’s what many brides are beginning to notice.

Silver metal wedding monogram cake toppers come in a standard metal letter form and have jewels soldered(joined together by melting and flowing a filler metal) or glued to them to match the bridesmaids colors, wedding colors or simply are a white crystal that will catch every corner of light like a new wedding ring.

Gold metal monogram wedding cake toppers can be jewereld however the crystal colors become a bit limited due to the gold color already taking heavy lifting of color.  Many silver, white or black crystals can be added and with the right design, a gold metal monogram wedding cake topper can really bring out the dazzle in a wedding cake.

Choosing the right metal monogram cake toppers can often be a bit confusing so before shopping, find a font you are trying to emphasize in your wedding and then shop as monogram letter cake toppers will often have a font option so that you can choose the lettering style of your monogram cake topper.

Bigger is better, but not always best.  Having your monogram cake jewelry jeweled to your wedding colors is always a great upgrade but keep in mind, too much color will take away from everything the monogram stands for; you, your spouse and your wedding day.  Simple and elegant can make a great monogram cake topper and monogram wedding cake topper, so don’t over do it.

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