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Fishing For Love

Hooked on Love4 years ago my best friend and her husband Caroline & David were celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary, and I learned they met online on a free dating website “” after I finished giggling I thought humm why not take a look. My daughter just left for college, I was lonely and feeling the empty nest syndrome and the cheap side of me decided to take a peak. (free is one of my favorite words). LOL. I went out of a few first dates with some nice guys and some frogs. I actually had a 6 month relationship with a guy but didnt work. Then I met Clarence online. He was nothing like the guys I usually went out with, I broke 3 major rules just by being with him. 1) in process of a divorce, 2) his mother lived with him (((my necessity NOT choice, she had back surgery last year and not able to fully be alone and take care of herself yet)) and 3) about to be a new single father of a young daughter. **My 3 are grown & gone, didnt think I want to do that again***. BUT we started dating, he drove over an hour to see me ever week and even spent the night in a hotel a couple times so we can spend the weekend together. We fell in love. I had lost my job and had nothing to loose so after just a few months I moved away from my city I had lived my whole life (country area) in Ga. to the northern area (colder & busier). Got an apartment a job and spent All our spare time together. It didnt take long before I moved in with him… But it took 4 years for him to propose. Our anniversary of our 1st date was 1 week after Valentines Feb. 27th…. I had to work that day, came home to a lovely decorated table, candles, flowers etc, 1/2 the evening went by and nothing.. I was starting to get a little annoyed, I really thought this was the year. LOL. We headed to the dining room for a special desert and boom, he turned me around kissed me and said Lila would you do the honor of being my wife and slipped the ring up to me. Suprise suprise and of course I said Yes….6 months later Saturday, August 3rd will be our date to finally be man & wife,and I will marry my best friend.. CONGRATS TO US.

Love Come “Nature”- ally

Ashley & Stefan

How we met (and a bit of background info): 

What Stefan says about Ashley: Ashley is Ashmazing.  She is a perfect mixture of fire and rain.  Like a campfire, she is warm and loving, a great cook, and pretty hot!  Like the rain she is refreshing, cool, and provides inspiration to grow.  And I love her.

What Ashley says about Stefan: Stefan is quite the renaissance man!  He works as therapist at Crisis Services, is an excellent puppy daddy to Ginger, loves making bread and knits great hats.  In his spare time he enjoys recording (sometimes weird) music, being an awesome son/brother/uncle, and jokes. I love him because he is the kindest man I have ever met (and the handsomest!) and I’m really excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

Stefan and I met seven years ago while we were both living in Vermont and working at a residential wilderness program for incarcerated youth.  We had lots of fun in Vermont together, and became great friends.  The work was really challenging, but we bonded hanging out on weekends, going on hikes, and working with the kids.  After a year or so of working at the camp, I moved to Buffalo to pursue a law degree.  Stefan stayed on for several more years, but ended up moving to Buffalo also to pursue graduate studies.  We reconnected about a year after Stefan moved (or followed me – depending on who’s telling the story) to Buffalo, and started dating the on the very first night that we had seen each other in several years – it was an awesome first date! We have had lots of fun dating over the past year and a half, and I think it became apparent to both of us pretty early in the relationship that we were going to be spending the rest of our lives together.  

Our Engagement Story: 

Bear-trothed Bears Wedding Cake Topper

Bear-trothed Bears Wedding Cake Topper

The day after Valentine’s Day my fiance Stefan and I had a fun Canada excursion planned.  Stefan, being the nature-loving-dude that he is, also insisted that we go on a walk before heading to Canada.  Me, being the nature-loving-lady that I am, agreed.  We walked around Goat Island (the park that surrounds Niagara Falls) for awhile and enjoyed the frigid air, I mean the views.  Then, Stefan asked to go check out “our tree”.  A quick word about this tree: Stefan, for reasons that we still cannot fully explain, carved our initials into it on our first date during a similar walk around the park.

So we proceed to check said tree, which is located on this cool piece of land abutting the river water before it goes over the falls. Stefan reached for his phone to take a picture of it, and low and behold, pulled out a ring instead.  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I said yes and the rest is history! :)

We’re getting married in October, and we are really excited to begin this new leg of our long journey together.    

New for 2013 is the Policeman Groom and Bride Wedding Cake Toppers

The Policeman Groom and Bride Wedding Cake Toppers are going to be one of this years hits!

Policeman Groom and Bride Wedding Cake Toppers

Policeman Groom and Bride Wedding Cake Toppers

We have looked high and low for a great policeman or serviceman wedding cake topper that will give you, our customer, the item that you have been asking for, for years!

It is finally here. The Policeman Groom cake topper features a traditional policeman in his blues, ready to right a ticket to the public offender.  However, this ticket is not what his future bride expects to see. Details are what makes this topper a winner.  Written on the ticket is “You Stole My Heart” in a love not fashion.

We know this topper has just been released, but we also know that this topper will be one that will go fast throughout the year so get your hands on this topper while its still new.

This cake top will be a great way to top your wedding, anniversary or bridal shower cake and since its hand painted and made of porcelain you know that it will be a great keepsake for many years after your event.

Shop That’s My Topper for many more new wedding cake toppers and other wedding items as we continue to update our catalog for 2013.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Its one thing to be fun but its another to be funny. Cake toppers in the past decade have been a growing trend for many different reasons. Designers for wedding cakes have been finding themselves waiting for the cake topper to show up before they decide on the actual design.

Our design experts have found that the funny wedding cake toppers are the fastest growing trend in cake toppers. Funny toppers are anything from a pinch on the behind or a groom dragging his bride back to the altar.

We have some great examples of some of the trending funny wedding cake toppers that have hit taken off in the past week.

Runway Bride Cake Topper
The runaway bride wedding topper seems to have new life in the past month. We have seen a large number of orders of this topper as we suspect that runaway brides are on the move?

Hooked on Love Fishing Bride and Groom
This cake topper features that bride who is “reeling” in her groom from the seat of his pants. With a sport feel this is still one of our best selling funny wedding cake toppers.

Ball and Chain
The good ol ball and chain cake topper has been our best selling funny cake topper and continues its dominance as we close out 2012.  We have a feeling 2013 wont be any different.