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Blog For Bucks Is On Its Way!

Hello all you wedding cake topper fans!

Our blog for bucks has taken off!  You have submitted some great stories and we have been busy handing out $5 coupons to many of you already! Here are a few great examples of wedding cake topper stories!

“My fiance and I had been looking for toppers for quite some time when we came across “The Look of Love” Bride and Groom Couple Figurine Wedding Cake Topper. We loved the way they were gazing into each others eyes and look like they are laid back in love couple. (Which is exactly what we are!) We also loved that we could change the hair colors and there just happened to be a sale going on so it was perfect timing! We cannot wait to show off our cake topper at the wedding!”

– Pamela M


With only a few weeks until the wedding my daughter shared her frustration of not being able to find a topper that was fun, not corny and represented them. I tapped thorough several sites, until I landed on yours. The Groom had proposed to her at the close of a dance recital, in front of the crowd. The best picture from the event was a pose just like the topper I found. The hair color and styles were also similar. It was “The Topper”.

The order was delivered in plenty of time, and the topper received numerous chuckles.

This “little” touch was one more thing that made it their special day.

– Terri M


We decided that we wanted something fun on top of our wedding cake and when we went to Thats My Topper, they had a couple that had that little “pinch” in the behind that we as a couple always do and its been something that we have been made fun of by our family. We didn’t tell our family that we bought the wedding cake topper so it was a surprise when our family all gathered around to help us cut the cake and my mother in law noticed the wedding cake topper.

Her exact words were “Is that bride pinching the grooms butt?”

My husband and I have it on video and for the past couple of weeks we simply cannot stop watching that part and my mother in laws facial expression.

This story telling about our wedding cake toppers is a great idea, I’m glad I got to share. Thank you!

– Gerrika S


Jimmy and Carla have dated for a year. They met on an online dating service and the rest is history.  When they put their profile online, little did they know that the magic of love was about to happen. At the time, Jimmy still had hair but later on in the relationship, Carla asked how he thought he would look bald. He tried it and liked it!!! As time got closer to the time of the wedding, the couple searched for the perfect wedding cake topper. We wanted something unique and as different as we were. We looked in stores as well as online. Since we are an interracial couple, we decided to find out if there were toppers like that. That’s My Topper had just what we were looking for at the price we could afford. The wedding was a success and the topper was the center of conversation. We look forward to many happy years together. Our wedding cake topper was the “icing on top of our cake”.

– Jimmy and Carla Portie
Jacksonville, NC

We will continue to post these as we get them and we will also be sharing these!  Keep your wedding cake topper stories coming!

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