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Another Great Wedding Cake Topper Story!

Hello again all you Wedding Cake Topper and That’s My Topper Fans! We continue to get great stories and great feedback from the Blog for Bucks Off Promotion!

Your wedding cake topper stories have been fantastic and so far we have heard some great stories along with some really interesting uses to some of our wedding cake toppers.  We continue share with this wonderful story from Christina and Brian!

“Quite simply, my husband and I planned our comic themed wedding (held on April 22, 2012) and we were looking high and low for cake toppers that were either comic book related (such as Superman with Wonder Woman), or at least something that would be comical/whimsical.  We are very much a couple that loves to stand out, and be unique and different.  We didn’t like any of the standard ones that everyone sees these days – the bride dragging the groom style, etc.  We had scoured stores (Party City, Michael’s, etc) and hundreds of websites (Etsy, random Google searches etc) until one day… we came upon your site.

I had to search for “Unique / Interracial Cake Toppers)  To be honest, your site was one of the very FEW that offered various options for interracial couples, and that was what appealed to us the most.  My husband is Puerto Rican and I am Chinese, so after stumbling across your offering for interchangeable AND “interracial” cake topper offerings, we knew instantly thats what we wanted!  Other sites will only offer interracial if BOTH the bride and groom are the same race but your site was able to understand and offer something that nobody else was able to offer us – and mix and match of interracial couples AND in various 

poses too!  How perfect!  Although we didn’t go for the straight comic book themed as originally planned, we were more than happy with the product that we received from your site.  The amazing Asian bride with the Hispanic groom fit perfectly with our cake!  We managed to still be different – our guests had never seem something like this before, and we still managed to stand out and be unique.

Thank you for your site!  Without it, we would have been stuck with a typical cake topper that almost everyone has already seen before.”



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