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Love Is Never Too Far Away! Heart Warming Engagement Story

When it comes to engagements, weddings or wedding cake toppers for that matter, nothing matters most than the love that is shared between partners.  We love how many stories that you have all sent in shows how love is always conquered no matter the circumstance or situations that you are in.  Its amazing on how many of these stories will simply move you especially the one you read below! We simply had to share this one!  Thank you and keep these stories coming, you have all been special and those who have commented publicly and privately regarding how much you love these stories, keep them coming as well!


After getting out of a really bad marriage, I started back dancing and becoming me again. It seemed like I would never find anyone that would treat my children and myself the way we deserve to be treated. Derek and I met one night at our local dancing venue, Blazzues. I seen him dancing across the room and asked a friend who he was. After doing a little recon on him, I decided to ask him to dance (which I never do). He intrigued me and I know the feeling was mutual. We danced almost all the rest of the songs together until the end of the night. Come to find out we have so much in common. After finding out he is a fireman and dances, well we shall just leave that alone haha.  After the music stopped we walked down to bar to have a drink, talk, and do a little karaoke. He was very surprised how well I sang and so he made a video on his phone- which he still has to this day. He walked me to my car and asked, “Can I at least get your number before you leave?” – of course he got the number. Then he gave me two pecks on the lips. As I was on my way home he text me, “Thank You for the wonderful night.” We couldn’t spend a day without each other ever since. I fell in love with him almost instantly but knew for sure he was the one when he met my children. 

Almost 10 months later – As a surprise, Thursday morning Derek woke me up before he left from work and told me to pack my bags because he is taking me away for the weekend. Mind you, we had planned to take a mini vacation that following weekend- so I was already partially packed for. He arranged everything. He got off of work and came home and then told me he was taking me to New Orleans, LA. After we arrived to New Orleans, we got checked into our hotel then he surprised me with tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert! “Just a Kiss” is our song so needless to say I was stoked! We were having such a blast during the concert but what I didn’t know was that Derek was patiently waiting for our song to come on and when it did, as normal, we turned towards each other and started singing. When it got about mid song Derek put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a ring as he came into to kiss me.. when I opened my eyes after our kiss I seen the ring for the first time and he said, “Will You Marry Me?” At that point all I could do was smile and say, “Yes, Of course!” So we spent the rest of our song looking into each other’s eyes and kissing every two seconds. We spent the most amazing time in New Orleans walking the streets, viewing all the sites, eating beinets, and being in love. “At Last” is our second song and completely says how I feel about meeting and falling in love with him. Love like this is rare and amazing.

– Tonya D

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