Love To Be Thankful For Engagement Story

Nothing as sweet and tender as the shared promise between two lovers of ever after.

Nothing as sweet and tender as the shared promise between two lovers of ever after.

This year, my fiance’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving.  For weeks, I secretly planned a surprise birthday party for him with his mom.  We covered every detail.  My fiance and I arrived at the restaurant for what he thought was our private birthday dinner where he found out our best friends and family were there to celebrate with him.  He was ecstatic, completely overjoyed.  At the end of the dinner, his mom brought out fortune cookies.  Going around the table, everyone was to stand up and read their fortune.  I was curious since his mom had not discussed this part of the plan with me but I thought it was a good idea so I went with it.  I was last and as I read my fortune, it said “You are my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without you.  Will you marry me?”  Of course, I said yes.  I was caught completely by surprise.  In fact, I barely remember him kneeling down and formally asking me.  I read the fortune cookie, but what I was reading didn’t seem to register until I looked over and saw the ring he was holding out for me.  I was nearly blinded it was so beautiful.  The rest was really a daze.  I was literally in shock.  Then when I realized the surprise was on me, I had to individually ask everyone if they knew and of course they did.  I give everyone credit for playing their part magnificently.  Looking back, there were a few clues I should have caught on too.  First: My best friend, who is usually running late, was mysteriously hours early and had to spend time window shopping.  Second: Everyone seemed to be really interested in taking pictures at this birthday party.  Everyone seemed to have a camera in their hand.  Third: My dad was visiting and talking with my fiance when I got home that evening.  He supposedly just stopped by, but he normally calls me on my cell phone to make sure I was home.  Fourth: As close as my fiance is to his mom, how could he not know we were planning a party for him as much as we talked about it?  Well, it turns out, everybody that was invited was in on it.  Everybody knew except me.  In fact, my mom knew for over a month.  And My dad had stopped by to give his blessing.  Even my nephew knew.  My fiance’s daughter had even helped to pick out the ring.  i”m still trying to figure out how my best friend was able to keep that secret from me.  She was actually the one who introduced us.  She kept trying to set me up with her coworker and I kept avoiding meeting him but once I did, he ended up stealing my heart.  We talked frequently about getting married but this was still the best surprise I’ve ever received.  We will be getting married next month, on our 5 year anniversary.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for.

Like Two Peas in a Pod Engagement Story

Me and my fiancé met at Big Easy, which is at a bar in downtown Raleigh, NC.  I was there with my friends which happened to be people that he went to high school with.  He approached my friends and started catching up with them and then the two of us started having small talk.  He was different than anything I was used to. He was country, had on cowboy boots, listened to country music, loves hunting and being in the woods all of which is new for me.  We exchanged numbers and began texting and talking over the phone.  He asked me out numerous times but I didn’t except until 3 months later because I was unsure about us dating since he was so different.  But it was a wrap after that!  For our first date he took me to a Mexican restaurant that I loved.  I later found out he hated Mexican food but he said he took me there because he wasn’t going to miss out on taking me out.  We were inseparably after that date.  For my birthday 7 months later we went to the beach.  We woke up early on the day of my birthday and went out to the beach to watch the sunrise.  As the sun was coming up he proposed, and of course I said yes.  He then told me that he had already called and asked my mom for her blessing, which she gave him.  My dad passed away a few years ago so he couldn’t ask him but he still wanted to have someone’s blessing.  He also proceeded to tell me that he prayed often to my dad and asked him through prayer.  After hearing all of this I cried.

This beautiful topper features a handsome cowboy complete with his hat and boots and his beautiful bride.

This beautiful topper features a handsome cowboy complete with his hat and boots and his beautiful bride.


I have never felt so alive until I met him.  He has introduced me to fishing, and hunting and being in the woods, all of which I love now.  I am even getting me a pair of cowboy boots to wear for our wedding!  I could not be more excited about spending  the rest of my life with him!  You often hear that you will know once you meet the one and it didn’t take long for me to figure it out.  We have been through so much, up and downs.  But through it all we are still standing strong.  He has taken me fishing numerous times, which is something my dad used to do, and I have fallen in love with it.  Bought my own fishing pole and tackle box.  Even learned to be ok with taking my own fish off the hook.  We have both always been Carolina Panther fans and watched every game together.  We put our jerseys on every game day and watch the game together.  He used to watch every game at his buddy’s house and even went there for one game since we had started watching the game together.  After going he later told me that he no longer cared to go over there for the games that there isn’t anyone else he would care to watch the games with but me.  We also went to a Panther’s game this season.  Family is big to us both and we can’t wait to get started on our own.

Nothing But Net: A Love Story

My fiancé and I met on and on September 29, 2012, we met for our very first date. As soon as I met him for the first time, I knew I was going to marry him someday. He is my very best friend, but anyways, I want to tell you more of my story. We went to the Olive Garden for dinner that night on September 29 and when we got ready to leave, I told the waitress that I thought she needed to check his ID because he might have stolen the debit card he laid on the table. He couldn’t believe I had done that and I was thinking that I wouldn’t get a second date, but lo and behold, I did. After dinner, we went to a Haunted House, it was the best first date ever. To make a long story short, my fiancé is the head basketball coach for a high school girls team in Kansas and on December 17, 2013, he had the score table at one of his home games, ask me over the intercom to come to their table on three different times. I wasn’t going to go over there but I did anyways. There had to have been over 250 people there. When I got over to the score table, he asked me to take some t-shirts to his parents and I asked him why he didn’t do it after the game, but his answer was he was afraid he was going to forget again. So I said “Okay” and proceeded to hot foot it back over to my seat all the while he was following me. I kinda turned to him and asked him what he was doing in which he grabbed my arm and said he needed to ask me something. I turned to him and was like “What?” We never talk before a game and this one was a really big game because we were playing the 5th seated team in the state of Kansas and little did I realize we were in the center court.

Shoot and score with this beautiful basketball-themed cake topper, available in Caucasian or Ethnic.

Shoot and score with this beautiful basketball-themed cake topper, available in Caucasian or Ethnic.

He got down on one knee, pulled out the ring from his pocket and asked me if I’d be HIS assistant coach for life….I proceeded to ask him if this was a joke and if it was, it wasn’t funny!!! He said he was very serious because he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me….well, I said YES!!!! The whole gym erupted with clapping and cheering from everyone in the stands along with both teams. I had no idea it was coming, but everyone in the gym knew. It was SO my magical dream come true night!!!

Love is Universal

Jeni and Ian were very excited to spend a week on a Caribbean cruise in the
middle of January.  Arriving in Puerto Rico, they checked into the Casa
Condado.  As they unpacked, Ian suddenly became panicked as he ripped
through the clothes and toiletries.  “I forgot my passport”.  Their hearts
sank as they imagined the cruise ship leaving without them the following

A newly married couple share one final kiss before embarking on their new adventure as man and wife.

A newly married couple share one final kiss before embarking on their new adventure as man and wife.


After many frantic phone calls, the passport had been located in
Milwaukee.  Jeni’s mother saved the day by Fed Exing the passport but sadly
it would take a few days.  They would have to catch the ship in two days in
Sint Maarten.
Deciding to make the most out of a bad situation, the couple enjoyed the
beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  They explored an old fort and the sunny
streets of Old San Juan.  After a long day, they laughed about having to be
spontaneous while back at the hotel.  Not to miss an opportunity, Ian
excused himself and came back minutes later with a ring.  She never saw it
coming :)

Love Knows No Bounds

It was misty Saturday evening on December 1st at the biggest Christmas
tree in town.

Wait a minute.

I guess I should actually start a little further back than that.

My now fiancé and I both work at a zoo. At the time when we first met,
I was in our Education department. The first time I ever remember
speaking to him I was taking a giraffe skull we bring out for school
groups up to the giraffe exhibit. He stopped me that morning and we
ended up talking about all sorts of things –  how the giraffe skull I
was carrying was the grandmother to one that is currently living at
the zoo, how the giraffe don’t have any teeth on the front roof of
their mouth, how big the skull was, etc etc. My fiancé had always
laughed before and said that none of the education staff at any zoos
were any good. Until he met me he said. I changed his opinion. I was
one of the smart ones.

It was from that conversation that he took an interest in me. We began
talking a little more at work, here and there, usually about animal
stuff. When I got promoted to an animal keeper, he was excited because
it meant I would be working closer to his area. He’d get to see more
of me.

After about 3 months of chit chatting, he finally asked me to lunch
and the rest was history. Quite literally, lunch became a trip to the
history museum and the planetarium.
My fiancé started hinting at marriage when we had only been seeing
each other about three months. He would ask jokingly on dates “Are you
going to marry me” to which I would always reply “I don’t know. You
haven’t asked yet.” He would then often retort with a “Well, when can
I ask?” I always said no sooner than six months.

You have to understand. My fiancé is about twenty years older than me.
And while he was ready to settle down and give up his single life, I
was being cautious and not trying to rush things. It wasn’t that I
wasn’t crazy over him. I had always just had in my mind I was going
get to married once and only once. I just wanted to make sure he was
exactly who I thought he was, my Mister “Right.” Come to find out, he
was more than I ever expected him to be.

Well, throughout that October, I heard rumors buzzing around that he
had not only bought a ring but had designed it and had it made
especially for me. My fiancé claimed he spent weeks looking at every
ring on a woman’s finger that came through the zoo, wanting something
as unique and special as me. He knew he would have to make it, he
said. He wouldn’t be able to find it in any jewelry store. He began
telling a wild story of a jewel seller from some country that I can’t
pronounce in Eastern Europe that only comes to town twice a year and
has never been to a zoo sold him the gem, a one of a kind sapphire,
for the ring. I laughed it off. I didn’t believe in that nonsense. I
thought he had found a pretty ring at some store, possibly an antique
store so it would look unique.

Needless to say, I knew my engagement was impending. Counting from our
first date, which was mid-June, I was expecting a proposal at the
earliest around the middle of December, possibly around Christmas or
even New Years.

It was a misty Saturday evening on December 1st. I had just gotten
home and was exhausted and stinky from a day of zoo keeping. I rushed
through a shower and honestly, felt like taking a nap but my fiancé
wanted to go out. I got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (quite possibly
the most unromantic thing in the universe) and we went to dinner.

Afterwards, we went to go look at the biggest Christmas tree in town.
My fiancé is like a child when it comes to the holidays – Christmas
just fills him with a liveliness and wonder rarely seen in adults. The
tree was absolutely beautiful. It was a covered in thousands of
twinkling lights with large red bulbs and gold ribbons. The light rain
wasn’t bad – it actually made the lights seem to twinkle more.

We were standing looking at it for what felt like 10 minutes, just
chit chatting, in the chilly, misty weather, when he finally turned to
me and told me about how he had never, in all his life, met a girl as
amazing as me. That no one had ever made him feel this way before and
that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. That’s when he
knelt down, in the muddy grass, and pulled out a tiny box with the
ring. You can imagine I cried like a baby and said yes.

But wait! A little later, after the shock had worn off, I glared at
him and scolded him. “It hasn’t been six months!” He won that argument
by a technicality. I didn’t define six months in my conditions – six
months could be calendar months which vary in length from 30-31 days
or a month could be defined as four weeks (28 days). My fiancé’s loop
hole was that he asked exactly 24 weeks after our first date. He said

As this topper shows, love is tender and beautiful.

As this topper shows, love is tender and beautiful.

he couldn’t wait. He needed to be with me.

He later explained the reason he chose the Christmas tree as the spot
to propose was that he wanted to associate the holidays, his favorite
time of year, with me. A year later, on December 1st, we went back to
that same spot and added our own bulb to remember the date.

Oh one last thing! Remember the story about the ring? The one with the
jewel seller from that weird sounding country. Come to find out it was
completely true. About 3 months after our engagement, we went back to
the jewelry store where my engagement ring was bought – this time
together to look at wedding bands. The same gentleman was there with
his traveling gem show. Even the detail about him never having gone to
zoo was completely true!

On One Knee

I was engaged as a complete surprise on October 7,2013. My now fiance and I were in Letchworth for our annual trip to the Fall Craft Show with my mother, his parents, and his aunt and uncle. As usual, we were just walking around enjoying the day, and admiring the beautiful crafts that were on display. During our travels, we came upon this display with slats–such as the one people display on their homes with maybe their last name or their house number. Being a 20 year old girl, I found no interest and was just going to continue walking when Jeremy told me to look. I took a glance, and saw my name and just thought it was a coincidence and continued to walk. I told him that was weird and he began to laugh and told me to look again. So I did, and then I saw it was my first and last name. Nothing hit me still.  I just replied Oh and continued to go on until I saw Jeremy down on one knee and realized he planned this entire event and had that sign placed there asking if I would marry him. Of course I said yes, however I was so dumbfounded about the event and still get laughed at to this day! Now, here we are over a year engaged and waiting for our wedding this September! The one stroke painted glass masterpiece that was used that day is proudly display

Nothing is more romantic than professing one's love on bended knee.

Nothing is more romantic than professing one’s love on bended knee.

ed in our home on the entertainment center. What a surprise!

A Birthday Surprise

I had a nice quiet dinner planned for Avni’s Birthday. I had prepared appetizers, salad, lemon chicken, and dessert. A store bought birthday cake with the exact number of candles for his age including the relight able trick candles. Of course the birthday boy was fashionably late for his own “surprise birthday party”. He kept hinting I must be throwing him one since we weren’t going out to dinner. There was a surprise I had for his birthday; it was a day trip to Mystic. Set up just like the tv show, Amazing Race, with driving directions and clues to each place. Little did I know Avni had a surprise for me.

Yes, I Avni, got the brilliant idea that my birthday would be the perfect time to propose.  Earlier in the week Melissa started to think I was up to something, but she also said that she knew it was not an engagement proposal.  She had this assumption because she knew it was my birthday and that nobody proposes on their birthday.  Melissa started to get suspicious earlier in the week, when I asked if I could go to the movies on my birthday.  I was thinking that the movie theater might be a good option for the proposal since we both like watching movies. Denied on my first option, I then asked Melissa which fine restaurant we were going to. However, the day before my birthday she decided that she just wanted to prepare a nice, quiet dinner at home.  So the day of my birthday rolls around and I put on a nice casual shirt and pants, but nothing too fancy and got my haircut early in the day. I took the day off from work, so I could brainstorm and get ready for the evening to come.  Melissa went to work…haha…it was a Thursday.

Time for my birthday dinner and Melissa had prepared a full-course meal:  my favorite fresh mozzarella caprese followed by salad and lastly the freshly baked lemon marinated chicken. I then asked if we could go out for dessert, but to my surprise a birthday cake with candles was waiting for me. The candles started to melt quickly and I was not given enough time to sneak the gift box past Melissa by the cake. Another idea for proposing by placing the box next to the cake and claiming it as a generous gift to me for my birthday went by the wayside. I had to immediately blow out the candles before they melted too much.  The trick candles were supposed to re-light, but I blew them out on the first try. I then asked about going out for coffee. Melissa responded, “Wait, you  never want coffee at this time of night.”

I could see that all possible outings for the day were thwarted, so I settled on the idea of proposing to her at her place. My first idea was to slip the triple boxed ring by any gift that Melissa had gotten me for my birthday and try to get her to help me open the ring boxes last.  But I did not get a gift-wrapped present.  Instead, I got an amazing race style clue to my surprise birthday destination on Saturday. So it was starting to get later and later and I was out of ideas, so I agreed to cuddle on the couch while watching tv shows. I had started to nod off on the couch and Melissa got up to brush her teeth for the night. At that moment, I had gotten a brief opportunity to grab the ring box that I had snuck into her apartment. I had decided that I would hide the ring box by her bedside along her feet.  I was hoping that as she tucked herself into bed she would feel the gift box along her feet. Melissa had gotten into bed and was on Facebook. Meanwhile, I was nearly asleep on the couch and then I heard her say, “Avni, what’s this?”  I got up off the couch and asked her, “This what?”  Then she replied, “this gift box.”  So I said, “Oh, you did get me a birthday present after all.”  She stated in confusion, “Well if it’s your present, then you open it.” I started to open the first gift box, and then I told her that I was too tired and asked her if she could help me open the boxes. She looked at the first box and said there is just no way it’s a ring because the box was too big for a ring.

New for 2014, this beautiful topper depicts the celebration of love and that wonderful first kiss.

New for 2014, this beautiful topper depicts the celebration of love and that wonderful first kiss.


The second box was a smaller, nicely wrapped gift box tied with a Michael’s ribbon inside the first big gift box. We started opening that one together and finished with me saying I was too tired to finish opening that box. She then told me to give her the box and she would finish unboxing it herself because I was taking too long.  She got to the third and final box (a solid wooden, padded ring box) and she passed it back to me. I asked her to come closer to me by her bedside and I got down on one knee and told her that ”You know I’ve always loved you and you know I’ve always wanted to marry you…Will you marry me?”  I opened the box and then placed the heart-shaped ring on her finger.   Melissa just gazed at the ring and repeated, “Oh My God,” for about a minute and a half before I finally asked, “Does that mean Yes?”  And she answered ”Yes…absolutely Yes…of course, it’s a Yes.”

Reunited After 25 Years

It all began when Kevin and I started dating in high school in 1988.  We were dating for three weeks and his friends told him to dump me because i found out that i was pregnant.  Back then girls were labeled certain kinds of things.  So he went his way into the marines and i carried on with my life.  He dated a girl that looked similar to myself and her name was Robin Miller while mine was Patricia Miller (no relation).  They had a daughter and then separated.  Then he dated another woman and had a child with her. He said he still couldn’t get me out of his mind and wondered where we would of ended up if he’d never listened to his so called friends. Last year at the camp ground he asked my sister about me, but she really didn’t have much to say to him so she didn’t divulge any information.  Earlier this year he noticed that we both had a mutual friend on Facebook and befriended me. I was so shocked to hear from him.  So we started talking on Facebook for several weeks.  Then he went and popped up and said that he had a spring break coming up and said he would come and visit me.  Naturally I was skeptical i was like “yeah right like your gonna fly all the way from Illinois to NY just to see me.  We haven’t seen each other for over 25 years.”  So that Friday night while he was on the phone in March he was talking to me he was booking his flight to NY.  Then he called me on sun and told me he was at the airport and that he’d be in Mon morning.  I’m like WHAT.  I was so shocked.  So as i was on my way to the airport to wait for him he called me and said’ where are you?’  I said “I’m on the bus heading there now.”   So he came to NY and spent 6 days with me.  We reconnected and he bought me an Eeyore pillow pet before he left.  Then he bought me a plane ticket three weeks later for me to spend 5 days with him.  He didn’t really propose but we talked about getting married.  While i  was back in Illinois we told our parents about us getting married.

This wedding cake topper is great for an older couple or anniversary!

This wedding cake topper is great for an older couple or anniversary!

After we told our parents we planned a date and we are slowly on our way to getting things arranged.  We have our lovely cake topper and serving set picked out through “That’s My Topper”     We have chosen the butterflies topper and serving set.  This is his third wedding but my second.  I told him third times a charm LOL.  Then I went back to NY and he stayed in Illinois to finish his semester.  He told me that when classes were done he would be back in NY to spend the summer with me.  Then he came up to NY and spent the summer with me he had me go to court to get approval to move back to Illinois.  He left mid July was home for a week taking care of things and getting things ready for me and my boys to move back to Illinois.  Then on July 26 him and his best friend Deon drove up from Illinois with Deon’s truck and came and got us.  My parents and family are so happy that I  found someone to bring me back home.  My mom has been so helpful on planning the wedding I’ve always dreamed of.  Our Happy day will occur on June 14, 2014.  My dress is ordered.  His tux is picked out, I have my invitations ordered and just awaiting for June to get here!